Metal trade: high burden on industry by legal requirements

Metal trade is a complex business. Numerous laws and regulations make everyday work difficult because compliance must be checked and saved. In addition, the requirements not only change frequently but also grow.

In the past few months the VDM has performed a survey among menber companies in which they found out that often among at least one CEO and leading managers a large number of employees have to deal with the compliance and implementation of legal requirements in addition to their usual activities. The required additional training means a significant financial burden for the companies as well as an additional workload of 23.5 hours per week. How can you keep up with this additinal expense?
In addition to the necessary political discussion about the cost resulting from new regulations, a software solution like comotor can help relieve the staff. Through automation, reporting, controlling, risk minimization and adequate management of documents, a considerable amount of working time can be saved. Time is our most valuable asset – let us together ensure that we have more of it!

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