Information on handling Corona

by using the latest technologies and modern working methods, our services and systems are still available to you in their full scope. We will maintain this even if the situation becomes more difficult. For the protection of our employees, customers and our partners, the following regulations apply to employees of the tegos Group:

– Avoidance of travel

– tegos services are provided via webinar, video conference or remote maintenance

– Work from the home office

We would be pleased to support you with our experience, in setting up home office workstations and in carrying out web and video conferences – also for your internal communication. The products of tegos can also be used from the home office in the usual way and effective web and video conferences can be carried out with simple and inexpensive means. Please contact us: +49-231-31776-480 or

FAQs for the areas: systems, locations and people! There is an increased awareness for all areas listed below.

effect on the availability of systems

Will a worsening of the pandemic situation potentially affect the availability of the systems used to provide and support our products and services?

We do not see any effects that would endanger the reliable and continuous operation of the systems. In compliance with security and data protection regulations, our employees have the possibility to ensure the operation and maintenance of the systems from their home office.

effects on company locations

Are company sites affected by the pandemic and how do we react?

Our services are basically designed to be implemented via remote administration and telepresence. The companies of the tegos Group are able to provide their services and performances independent of location. Our infrastructure is located in Microsoft data centers, which are supported by worldwide operating Microsoft employees. Microsoft and tegos can therefore continue to guarantee high availability.

effects on people

How is tegos prepared for staff shortages caused by COVID-19, who are responsible for providing services to our customers?

As a large provider of industry-specific services, we are able to ensure continuous operation with multiple experts in each discipline, regardless of location. All employees have access to the necessary resources to operate from home or office, while complying with security regulations.

Even though the tegos Group puts the safety and well-being of its employees first, we will do everything possible – even under more massive spreading of the virus – to enable our services to the usual extent. We would like to point out, however, that we reserve the right to make situational changes in the procedure, depending on the order and recommendation of the respective health authority.

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