Experience the world of the Corona crisis with creativity, the right hardware and friendly people – from home office to Corona Online Party 2.0

We are now fully in the grips of the Corona crisis. Personal protection measures have been implemented all over Germany and more and more employers have instructed their staff to work from home.Even for companies where remote working was a distant idea, now almost all of thier employees are working from home. We could think about the disadvantages of this, but that wouldn’t be very helpful in this current situation. On the contrary, we can be grateful that technological makes it possible for us to work effectively from the comfort of our own homes. In fact, both employers and their staff see the benefit of being able to carry out their daily work from home.This change in mind set that would otherwise have taken years has happened over night and the most important thing now is to keep buisness running in companies throughout these difficult times. And everyone can play their part.

The physical distancing and isolation measures that we are experiencing in the different federal states of Germany are there to protect us all.
They have been recommended and implemented to slow down the spread of the virus and reduce it to a minimum, so that our health system is not overwhelmed.
It is of the utmost importance in this situation to make sure that every single citizen is well informed. We must all consider our own actions and keep all social contact to an absolute minimum. However as social beings, this can be extremely difficult for people. But – as we have proven time and again in our history, necessity is the mother of invention. What can we do then, during this period of isolation, to gather our usual social clan around us in our own homes again?

Well, in social media we can see an increasing trend in “virtual parties”. We, the staff of tegos, think this is a great idea. So, we would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our colleagues to a “virtual party”. Here we can “meet” online and eat, drink, chat and have some fun. The only difference is that everyone is sitting at home. We have always had a very relaxed and friendly company culture at tegos and we have had many fun team events in the past that have helped us work together and be united as a one tegos team. That is why, even in this difficult situation, we want every single colleague to know that we can all rely on each other.
These days there are many ways to carry out virtual conferences. As we already use Microsoft Teams at tegos, this platform was the obvious choice for our “party”. To make the party truly social, it has been requested that everyone turns their cameras on so that we can see each other and really feel that we are together. In the meantime, our virtual party on Friday evenings has developed into an institution that allows us at tegos to continue to grow together, even in these difficult times.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch. We would be delighted to help you.

Kirsten Karner
Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Manager

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