Could you be a “digital Hero”?

Strategist – analyst – geek – thinker outside the box?

Space for imagination

A foundation for innovative ideas

What will the world of tomorrow look like? How will we work? How will we communicate? How will we make decisions? The people who ask questions like these will be the ones who make the key changes in our work world. But our mission isn’t just to change that world – it’s to improve it. We’re the “Tegos Team” right down to our toes: a special species of thinker who’s committed to digital transformation in the recycling business. As part of our team, you’ll play an active role in our industry’s digital revolution.

Our IT solutions aren’t just pathfinders for the digital future in the raw materials industry. They’re the product of curiosity, innovativeness and intense teamwork. Which calls for a working environment where you can let your thoughts run free. Flexible work hours, extensive options for further training, and outstanding teamwork are a foundation for innovative solutions – and for your personal success.


What we care about is results – not how long you spend at the office.


The foundation of our company’s innovative strength.


For your own personal and professional growth – and our future!


Because we’re counting on your ability, daring and dedication.

Strategist – analyst – geek – thinker outside the box?

Thorough training for talented young tegos teammates

Digitalization is moving ahead at a tremendous pace. That’s why we constantly have to reinvent and refine ourselves. It’s the only way that a digital solutions provider like us can keep up with technological developments. So we want to make sure our employees have a sound base of skills and knowledge and then keep on growing.

We provide the next generation in our profession with opportunities for in-depth training. We work with two university-level technical schools, Fachhochschule Dortmund and Fachhochschule Münster, to offer young colleagues a chance to study, either in parallel with their jobs or full-time.

We also offer regular in-house training sessions and a broad range of in-depth workshops and seminars to support each employee’s own personal and professional growth.

Sound good? Then come over to the Bright Side of digital power and become a tegos teammate. Come take on the digital challenge with us. Apply now.

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Here’s what your future tegos teammates are saying

“The sense of community among colleagues is really something special at the tegos Group. Going to work each day is fun.”

Internal Sales Consultant

“What I especially like at the tegos Group is the variety in my job. Every project, every customer, is unique. Which means I get to learn something new every day!“

Consultant Business Solutions

“I love how my work at the tegos Group regularly yields benefits for customers in exciting projects, within an environment that’s almost like family, yet also motivating.”

Developer Business Solutions

“What’s great about my job is that as the communications interface for a project, I come into contact with everybody both at tegos and also at the customer. Which means I’m constantly getting to know new people with different stories. It makes my job very interesting.”

Senior Project Manager
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