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more than 847,000 metric tons of raw materials every year


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Contract Management
comotor stores all important information in the contract management: contacts, customers, products and their exact material composition, quantities, prices, destinations, contract currency

Financial Management
comotor creates final invoices or credit notes + accurate and prompt accounting due to a close association with the Financial Management + no interfaces + user support in managing complex sales tax transactions

comotor supports you in planning and monitoring your shipments + Tracking of the history of costs for trans- ports + Efficient selection of the most cost- effective carrier + Direct recording and billing of transportation invoices across several transport positions + Automatic allocation of transportation costs to the supply of materials

comotor offers a clear illustration of deep and complex chemical analysis across all business processes + fully automated analysis interface, simple and convenient connection of a spectrometer

Risk Management
comotor monitors the currency risk, price risk and credit limits, all in real time + comotor. records the entire history of risk in real time + Efficient risk management using deri- vatives + Fast mapping and monitoring of hedging

comotor supports you in the complex pricing. It does not matter if you are trading on an official stock exchange or not. Both average and spot-financing is simple with comotor

comotor links inventory management, invoicing, order management, pricing and fixation, the stock market values and the contract management

Enterprise Ressource Planning System
comotor allows the implementation of any number of own warehouses, contract warehouses and transit warehouses + Easy and intuitional overview, also of warehouses with many positions + Management of batches and / or clusters with detailed analysis + Always current and accurate representation of the inventory

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