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Energy from waste comes in numerous forms, but the one constant is that the upfront investment is high.

Securing and managing feed-stock, maintaining expensive plant to be running optimally, and ensuring business performance is reported in time to react are all key benefits that enwis can provide to ensure your long-term investment is secure.

Sharpen the saw

In the words of Stephen R. Covey, the need to continuously improve ensures success in whatever we pursue. Ensuring our energy plant is maintained and operated in the best possible way will maximise output, minimise down-time and ensure maintenance costs are controlled.

enwis can include a full maintenance suite to achieve this.

Decision making environment

Like all software systems, data is omnipresent. But it is only when we convert that data into information and knowledge that it has a value.

Using advanced Business Intellegence and Performance Management tools with enwis ensure that you make good decision on factual information in the appropriate timeframe, thus securing and maximising your investment in an energy plant.

Feeding the beast

enwis supports the management of input quantities through supplier contracts as well as the composition of the material, including calorific value, moisture content etc. to ensure your energy plant is going to achieve the output you planned.

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