Software for the metal trade

Software for Metals Trading: Digital Solutions for your Company

Keeping a Step Ahead of the Competition

Making the right decision at the right time ­is often a matter of moments in metals trading. Fast action has to be based on reliable software solutions and valid data.

Quite apart from fluctuating market prices and declining margins on one side, on the other side the authorities keep calling for new analyses – a bureaucratic outlay that puts an additional burden on the business. If you want to get established here and hold your own against tough competition, you need to stand apart from your competitors with extensive service and a forward-looking strategy.

To ensure you can keep a clear overview, plan reliably and maintain control, our software for metals trading offers the right interfaces and solutions so that our customer companies in the sector can put their strategies to work successfully, using the right system.

Comotor: Software for Metals Trading

Management that combines agility with stability

Reliable contract management, support in overcoming logistical challenges, accurate reflection of production and sorting processes and bookkeeping with the right functions for the business are essential for metals trading firms. At the same time, you need just the right touch for hedging and a substantial mitigation of price and foreign exchange risks, to make sure the market’s volatility doesn’t cause your trading margin to evaporate.

With an eye to the special requirements of metals trading, we’ve been providing our customers with sector-specific IT solutions since 1996. Digitalizing your business processes with our software for metals trading can achieve several goals:

  • Reduce unnecessary sources of error (such as transmission errors)
  • Provide a valid foundation of data for business-critical decisions
  • Optimize margins
  • Ensure reliable planning

Our comotor software for metals trading easily prepares documents like truck scale tickets, invoices and shipping papers, as well as software-based analyses and warehouse overviews. Working procedures speed up considerably, and mobile applications mean your employees can always get essential information and key figures, even when they’re on the move. Because it’s based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, comotor can adapt your business solution anytime to agile market conditions or internal requirements. Additional modules and solutions, like a document management system or a Business Intelligence solution, are easy to add on as needed, quickly and flexibly.

Your advantages from our metals trading software, at a glance:

comotor_Software for metal trading
  • A centralized solution: Use our metals trading software for a solution that lets you manage and monitor every key process centrally. Which means you work more efficiently and save time.
  • A flexible solution: You can easily adapt our metals trading software to fit your individual needs, and take advantage of a continuous stream of new ways to enhance your company’s performance.
  • A solution with a future: We’re experts whose metals trading software supports you for the long haul, not just short-term. We keep an eye on the industry and continuously ensure that our products quickly adjust to new conditions in the market.

If you have questions about our software for metals trading, our solutions in software for recycling, or our products for all aspects of software for waste disposal – then just contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with details.

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