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enwis for Municipal Waste Management

The processes of the municipal waste management industry differ significantly from work processes in private waste management business.

With enwis we have developed a solution which contains a complete ERP system with all industry functionalities as well as special applications for the municipal waste management industry (e.g. Real estate management and container management).

Efficient container management

enwis supports you in managing all types of bins. For instance, the whole bin change service can be organized by means of the software, from the registration of change request to reposition.

Moreover, enwis calculates important information like waste quantities per user and real estate based on predefined container volumes and in consideration of compression parameters and levels of utilization. In addition, materials for each tour can be traced back at any time.

Versatile and complete

Beside periodical tours for collecting residential waste, individual orders can also be organized with enwis. All single orders like the provision of bins or collections on request, for example of bulky waste, green waste or white goods, can be entered fast and organized with the system. For periodical tour planning, collection cycles can be defined for waste collections in enwis.

Another important part of municipal waste management is the organization of recycling centers. All needed functionalities like weighbridge integration or hazardous waste movements are provided in standard enwis.

Forward-looking risk management

As is the case in private waste businesses, certain risk factors also exist in the municipal waste management industry which might affect the company in a negative way, such as occupational accidents, wear and tear of outdoor bins or vehicle damage.

enwis contains functionalities for registering and evaluating these risk factors, providing a solid basis for targeted risk management.

Convincing complaint management

Complaints – from property managers, owners or tenants as well as from your drivers – constitute a normal part of every day business in municipal waste management. In enwis, all information about extraordinary events, messages from drivers regarding dustbins that have not been presented etc. are registered automatically and a complaint history is created for customers and drivers. This enables you to react faster and to be better informed when you receive new complaints. The steps taken as resolution are also documented at this point.

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