Software for scrap metal trading

Software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading; the digital revolution in the scrap yard

From Manual to Digital: The Advent of Scrap Trading 4.0

Promoting the Recycling Industry and ensuring Environmentally Responsible Management of Waste has brought radical changes in scrap metal processing and disposal. The documentation obligations for companies in the scrap and waste metal business have increased enormously, and are taking their toll in effort and work hours.

At the same time, many scrap metal dealers and waste metal processors are still maintaining their data manually, or using a miscellany of tools and software solutions to reflect, digitally, the processes at their scrap yard, from weighing to bookkeeping. Using diverse systems not only costs these companies valuable time, but also quickly leads to expensive mistakes.

Our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading, specially designed for scrap and waste metal trading, is intuitive to run. All business processes, from weighing to invoicing, are handled within a single software environment, making work processes more efficient and saving precious time.

In addition to providing our innovative software solutions, we at the tegos Group support our customers in the scrap and waste metal business with extensive services and training options that round out our portfolio.

Software solution in the cloud - Software with a reliable future for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading

A Forward-Looking Model Based on Reliable Microsoft Datacenter

Cloud-based business solutions: For some, an exciting technology that offers countless opportunities and potentialities. For others, a no-go for their own company (especially when data privacy and data security are involved).

The cloud is the technology of the future – but one that has already gained a lot of traction. Handled correctly, with a reliable partner, it offers a wealth of other advantages beyond just a way to store data safely. A software solution for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading that supports the cloud is an investment in your company’s future.

So set your cloud reservations aside, and rely on our advice and experience.

No matter whether the datacenter you prefer is located in Europe or globally, the cloud features from our partner, Microsoft, keep your data in safe hands. Microsoft Cloud Deutschland, which supports our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading, offers you the same high security standards as Microsoft’s worldwide cloud services, and complies with the strictest data privacy guidelines. Protected by the latest encryption technologies the market has to offer means you always have complete control.

At the same time, the cloud offers you maximum flexibility. No matter whether you prefer to use a tablet, smartphone or PC, you can have mobile access to your data from anywhere, and control your operations in real time using our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading. You also have a solution that is always current to the latest version. This is automatic, saving you the expense of updating and maintenance fees.

Advantages of our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading at a glance:  

  • Powerful and efficient: Our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading lets you get a highly accurate overview of every major process at your company, and control many processes centrally. This means you work more efficiently and increase productivity.
  • Customizable: Our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading can be adapted to fit your individual needs, enabling you to digitalize previous processes seamlessly.
  • Reliable for the future: Support for the latest cloud solutions means our software for waste disposal, recycling and metals trading can take the next step into the future right along with your company.
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