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Dispatching seldom runs entirely as planned. A surprise rush deadline, a vehicle breakdown, an unexpected traffic jam – and suddenly your schedule goes out the window. Situations like these can make even the most experienced dispatcher break out in a sweat. What you need now is to be flexible and find a solution as fast as possible. The right software solution can bring critical advantages to anybody who needs to reorganize dispatches fast, yet keep planning well focused.

You can expand your business solution with a dispatching solution of whatever scope you need to fit your fleet’s size and needs. Even for simple fleet management, including driver scheduling, linking up with a base-level dispatching solution allows you to group the stops in the system and assign vehicles and routes. Simple route planning for recurring routes is also an option. If you additionally want to plan routes on the basis of available capacity, so you can manage your fleet on the basis of specific parameters, a further expansion of the dispatching solution will do the trick.

It goes without saying that there’s a lot more extensive potential available for digitalizing and optimizing fleet management and route planning. Just for example, you can incorporate an up-to-date telematics solution into your business software, or make your dispatchers’ job easier with a graphical route display.
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Route Optimization

Personnel resources, cargo capacity, traffic situations, driving and break periods, disposal cycles – the list of parameters that a route plan has to include generally poses a major challenge for dispatchers. Manual planning becomes almost impossible, and in any case involves a lot of effort.

An additional module can help. Automatic route optimization helps you group stops effectively, with the least consumption of resources, and sets up sensible sequencing for your routes.

Graphical Dispatching

If you’d rather plan your routes directly on a map view using GPS coordinates and get an even better overview of the fleet’s trips, expanding your business solution to include a graphical route display is just what you need.

A graphical display lets you view one or more routes on a map simultaneously. Individual stops can be highlighted and assigned conveniently to any route via drag-and-drop. You can also organize and revise the sequence of stops on a route however you please.


Disposition und Telematik_Tablet

Incorporating a telematics solution into your business solution means that vehicle data (fuel consumption, driving times, location) can be gathered in real time and sent straight to headquarters.

An interchange of information and continuous monitoring between the vehicle and the dispatcher can pay off fast. It becomes less complicated to change routes and add or reschedule stops. At the same time, an in-cab display transmits information to drivers, so they too have the overview they need. Which saves precious time – and of course cash.

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