smart solutions for the waste management and recycling sectors

Transformation and digitization in the waste management and recycling sectors offers a wealth of opportunities but also entails major challenges. The introduction of waste disposal portals, electronic invoicing and paperless order processing promises a quantum leap for optimizing internal procedures. However, for many decision makers, digitization is still associated with potential extra workload. So how can more innovative and smarter solutions replace existing ones without them placing too many demands on the organization and IT? We are convinced that it’s possible as you can #dothingsdifferently 

The new platform for the digitization of waste management and recycling

tegossuite is the individual, evolving and comprehensive digitization solution for the waste management and recycling sectors. This platform enables companies to find intelligent, interlinked solutions, apps and services to facilitate their own step-by-step and ongoing transformation to a more modern and sustainable business model.

Where waste management and recycling companies can find everything they need

All elements of the tegossuite platform are interconnected, with no interface obstructing  the flow of data. As digitization pertains to the organization as a whole and not just to a specialist department, all the services have been designed to integrate with each other. 


The proven ERP solution for the recycling and waste management sector - now also part of tegossuite.


The number 1 software package for the metals industry allows you to keep all processes under control, from financial accounting to weighing operations - now also from the cloud.

tegossuite add-ons

Round off your customized tegossuite with add-ons, for example for scheduling and dispatching, telematics, Power Bi and more.

tegossuite Transformation Services

You can’t just switch transformation on overnight. We’ll look after you on your journey into the new era by means of targeted management services and workshops for employees.

tegossuite Cloud Operation Services

Let our experts look after the running of your ERP solution, up to and including the adoption of operational responsibility by tegos.

Fit for the future – whatever it holds

tegossuite does away with the conventional paradigms of classic IT models. Costly, resource-intensive one-off projects are out, replaced by smart and evolving solutions for companies on the road to the digital future. 

No more updates

Forget costly software updates – with tegossuite you will always be working with the most up to date solution. New functionalities, legal amendments or modules such as an AvaL interface – these are all actively and continually supplied, with no need for update processes.


tegossuite uses state-of-the-art methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide fast, smart responses to any potential threat scenarios. In this respect, tegossuite is superior to many classic server solutions.


tegossuite embodies the change from inflexible CAPEX models to more agile OPEX concepts. This allows for transparent and long-term calculation of the costs of digitization.

No interfaces

Thanks to the unique data modelling for recycling and waste management companies, all components, whether self-service portal solutions or the ERP system, have access to the same data. There is no longer any need for interface management in the classic sense.


By adopting a step-by-step and phased approach to modernization using solutions from a managed cloud, the organization’s workload is reduced and any obstacles are gradually overcome.


With tegossuite, customers only pay for the performance, data storage, software components and IT services that they actually use. If more capacity is needed for a limited period of time, it can be provided immediately. And if requirements subsequently decrease, costs are reduced accordingly.

The competence hub for the waste management and recycling industry

From the sector for the sector
The experts at tegos have been working exclusively for recycling and waste disposal companies for over 20 years, and with enwis and comotor they have developed acknowledged and highly regarded standard solutions.

Optimization of IT and corporate processes
IT modernization or business productivity? For us this is not a case of one or the other. The aim of every digitization project is to benefit the business a whole, so we work towards both goals.

Happy customers – worldwide
Digitization knows no boundaries. Our customer network is a global one and includes companies of all sizes from a wide range of specialist sectors in the recycling and waste management industry.

Digital trendsetter
tegos was one of the first Microsoft Dynamics partners and continues to strive to translate innovations into solutions suitable for everyday use. tegossuite is the perfect example of our pioneering spirit and approach.

Ralf Linnemann

CEO, Shareholder

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E-Mail: rlinnemann@tegos.eu

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