Visionairs invest even in hard times

Visionaries invest with foresight and with added value in mind in hard times too

In these unprecedented times, we all have questions. What do we face next? How long will this crisis go on for? How can we continue to maintain our business activities and how do we deal with a drop in the workload? Is my company prepared for a crisis? Faced with all the worrying news and massive encroachments on our normal lives, the most important thing for us to do right now is to exercise patience and adapt to the new circumstances. Patience is a virtue. But at a time when more than 90 per cent of businesses within our industry are reporting that their revenues and volumes are dwindling or that they have lost orders, this sounds like an empty phrase.

What can you do if you don’t want to sit around waiting for what’s around the corner? Make a change, get stuck in, get down to it – together with a reliable partner, you can make the most of the momentum. Looking ahead, we will work with you to devise a digital strategy that will give you a secure future. The tegos Group is a reliable sparring partner for its customers and for interested parties. Thanks to our modern IT infrastructure, we can guarantee an absolutely constant service and consultancy workflow.  Our employees have been and continue to be in a position to execute their work in full while working from home, handling projects with the same continuity and intensity as before the lockdown. We also offer our services and discovery calls remotely and at freemium rates in order for businesses to gain an initial impression of their degree of digitalisation. Because for you, your employees and your customers too, the opportunities offered by digitalisation can help to minimise the impacts of the crisis. Crises offer opportunities; the opportunity to make yourself stand out from the competition, the opportunity to do things differently, the opportunity to use this time for yourself.

‘IF YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE, YOU’LL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS GOT,’ Henry Ford once said, thus making himself synonymous with the American Dream. And there is much truth to this – you sometimes need to try something new.

In pre-coronavirus times, we were occupied with topics such as finite and highly sought-after resources and also the shortage of skilled workers. Now we are talking about recession and short-time work! There will no doubt be incursions which will initially change business activities, but these will not last and we can expect to get back to discussing a lack of resources and skilled workers once this crisis is over. This is therefore the perfect time to make use of the resources freed up within your company to optimally ready yourself for what’s ahead. We would love to assist you in taking this step. As a consultancy company and software provider, we don’t have to be on-site in order to realise a project. Many aspects of our projects were already being handled remotely with great success in order to eliminate unnecessary travel expenses and to improve our carbon footprint. We will continue to ramp up this approach.

tegos assists and advises businesses in the waste management and recycling sector that wish to head down the path of digitalisation and provides them with tailored, sector-specific IT solutions. The crisis is once again highlighting the digitalisation potential of a circular economy. We will happily help you take some bold new steps too. In addition to offering expert, sector-specific advice regarding the digitalisation and automation potential of your processes, we determine which apps could optimise your business. All tegos solutions are based on Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Business Central and cover recycling and waste management processes in full.

I would be delighted were you to be interested in enwis and our services. Arrange a videoconference with us or an online presentation. This gives us flexibility in terms of time and is convenient and location-independent for you too – no matter how many of your employees wish to participate.

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