Out of school and into the working world

Nowadays it is difficult for young people to get a “good job” right after the school ends. Some also lose a lot of time due to professional orientation. I am 19 years old and did my A-Levels few weeks back. Now I am an Employee at Tegos. I started off here one week ago. When I did my A-Levels, I was concerned about my career. I don’t wanted to be lost in the working world. School was something totally different, where I was guided by my teachers. Questions like should I do further education or start off with work by doing a vocational training, went through my mind. All along I knew, I wanted to dive into the world of IT. I wanted to see myself as a solution developer. But how?

Then the German concept of “Dual Studium” came into my mind. It is a dual course of study, which offers you to have a practical vocational training in a company combined with a degree as a Bachelor. In Germany it is difficult to be appointed by a company for such a dual course.  I am thankful to Tegos for believing in me and giving me a chance to start a vocational training as a solution developer and doing a degree in Computer Science-Economics. On my first day, I was really nervous. I was concerned about the working atmosphere. How would my co-workers be? What would my role in Tegos be? Various questions about what is expecting me were going through my mind.

All my concerns were gone when I got to meet the staff of Tegos. I was welcomed warmly and with lots of smiles, which took half of my nervousness away. I got my personal Notebook with a well-structured appointment diary on it, which contained appointments awaiting me in the next few weeks. In very less time I got know so much about Tegos and their solutions. First I got to see the offices. Then I got to meet each and every member of the teams and their roles in Tegos. You can’t tell who a trainee and who an employee is, because there is no hierarchy here. Everyone is treated equally, which makes me feel lucky to be here. I was also thoroughly explained about my role here. Each and every person I came across here, is really friendly towards me. They don’t want to overtax me. They want me to help learning everything bit by bit, which assures me that I could never get lost in this new journey in the working world. Here I got a bunch of contact persons to guide me. My expectations from a “good job” are beyond pleased. I feel at the right place right now and am excited for more to come.

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